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Best 5 Tips to Upgrade Your Old Car

There is no denying that driving the new car is great different from driving an old car. A new car always has good look, provides lots of smart modes that will help your drive more comfortable, convenient and safer. However, not every one is able to afford the new car, if we can only drive an old car, we still have ways to improve it to have better drive. In this article, you’ll find some useful tips to upgrade the old vehicles.

Keep it clean

It may seem like an obvious recommendation, but having a clean car goes a long way when it comes to making it feel brand new. Getting your car washed and vacuumed regularly will keep it looking and feelings its best, and the occasional deep-clean or detail will make you feel proud of the ride you have. When it’s clean, you’ll be more likely to want to keep it that way! Also, make sure you are keeping up with the necessary oil change, which can vary based on how old your car is and how often you drive it.

Upgrade the car stereo

To have the latest technology on your dash of the old car, we would recommend you to add the Apple CarPlay & Android Auto head units. By connecting the phone to the radio head unit, you can use the phone music, phone maps, address book. On the other hand, you can connect backup camera to it, to help you drive safer and easier.

Get new tires

Having new and improved tires on your car is necessary for safety and will also make it feel new again. Things like updated tires and car batteries are a key part of helping your car run like new. How often you should change your tires and battery will vary by car and driving frequency, so make sure you do your research to know what’s best for your car.

Consider seat heater/massager

Seat heaters are becoming relatively commonplace on new cars, but a seat massager in a car is still the preserve of the expensive vehicles. But, you can now buy an aftermarket seat heater for your car, as well as a massage setup. Similar to a seat cover, these are basically placed on top of the seat and, depending on the model, will offer heating or massage function, with its electric supply usually coming from a 12-volt socket. The functions are usually controlled from a remote transmitter.

Install LED headlights

Many manufacturers today equip their vehicles with fancy headlights. There are many variations, from daytime running lights to different headlight configurations. Replacing the faded yellow hue on your headlight lenses is one way to compete with the newer vehicles today. Upgrading your bulbs to LED or replacing your housings will drastically improve your car’s lighting performance and aesthetics.

There are other ways to make your old car feel brand new and upgraded, choose the one you need.

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