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Best 5 Car Gadgets to Keep Better Drive

For a better life, you add so many smart home appliances in the house. While for a better drive, you should also make use of some of car gadgets to the vehicle.

When it comes to the niche world of car accessories, there are a ton of low-end budget options that don’t perform anywhere near as well as the market’s finest and that you’re better off avoiding. With that in mind, just take a look at our list for the 5 best car gadgets to pick up before your next trip.

#1 Carplay Head Unit

Do you want a touch screen head unit but also want to keep the original stereo system? Then this portable aftermarket radio is best option. It can be mounted directly on the dashboard or windshield and powered by the cigarette lighter. There is built-in Carplay/Android Auto function, after connecting, you can use phone map, phone music, phone book etc. What’s more, it can support rear view camera, displaying reverse image automatically when you reverse your car, providing safety features.

#2 All-round Mirror Dash Cam

It’s not just a mirror dash cam, it’s a full range of surveillance and multimedia entertainment. On one hand, there are 3 cameras in the package, showing you clear road situation on the screen. On the other hand, you can directly connect Carplay, the screen would act as your phone and you can use phone applications freely. Keep fun and safe wherever you drive.

#3 Dash Cam with Wireless Carplay

If you are considering a mirror dash cam may block the view, give a try to this Carplay dash cam which can be installed on the dashboard. It comes a 10.26″ touch screen integrated a front camera, with built-in wireless Carplay/Android Auto function, that’s to say, you can record and entertain at the same time. It also has a rear view camera, for the rear view recording and parking assistant.

#4 Wireless Phone Charger

On many occasions when we charge our smartphones during trips in the car, the wires get in the way and there is no designated place to keep your device. Well, both of these problems will be ended with this wireless phone charger. It uses coils so you can charge your phone without the need for electrical cords. This is clever but nothing too new as such products are available for your bedside table. However, they have added this cool technology to a smartphone holder that clips securely to your dashboard. Now you have easy access to charging where you can see your smartphone clearly – and without the need to tangle your charging cords around the handbrake.

#5 Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Your car’s interior should look as good as its exterior and it can with this vacuum. From dust to fossilized fries, this high-powered vacuum requires nothing more than the 12V power outlet in your car to suck it up. There are several attachments, too, so you can reach those nooks and crannies.

With so many products on the market, it can be easy to get carried away with your car gadgets. If you have a diverse set of needs, we recommend looking for products that offer multiple solutions in one.

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