The Best Guide for 2020 Honda Fit Factory Radio Replacement

As you can find, nowadays many cars come with big touch screen radio systems. These radios are with sleeker look, super easy to use and multifunctional, greatly improving driving experience.

Why a big screen car radio system is better?

There are many advantages to having a touchscreen car stereo system.

Diversity entertainment. You won’t be limited to using Bluetooth now. A large screen radio allows you to play online music, watch 1080P videos, log in to social media platforms, browse website pages, etc. Wherever you drive, there is full of fun on the road.

Phone supported. Many of these radios offer the functionality of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which emulate your smartphone experience right on the radio’s touchscreen display – great for keeping your phone out of your hand.

GPS navigation. Touchscreen stereos with built-in GPS navigation offer incredible convenience and assistance. All the navigation information will be shown clearly on the screen. Even there is no Internet signal, you can still use it normally.

Backup camera. A backup camera can help make your touchscreen stereo a valuable tool for staying safe while backing up and to help avoid accidents. Its wide field of view offers a whole lot more of what’s behind you than using your mirror, including areas that your vehicle’s body blocks from view. Many new stereos also offer multiple camera inputs, so you can incorporate factory cameras or add aftermarket cameras for areas like your side view – all viewable on the touchscreen display.

How I replace the 2020 Honda Fit factory stereo?

As mentioned above, the big screen head unit makes driving better, so I got one for my 2020 Honda Fit radio replacement. Fortunately, the replacement is super easy, most drivers can do that by themselves. Let’s see how to do.


– Basic Tools: Plastic pry tool and screwdriver.

– Power off the car battery before working to ensure safety.

1, Pry to remove the button panel.

2, You’ll find two screws that fix the old radio unit, remove them.

3, Then pull out the unit, and unplug all the connectors from its back.

4, Now the removal job is done. Let’s go for the installation. Firstly, correspondingly connect the new wiring cables of the touch screen radio system to the car.

5, Next correspondingly connect the big screen radio to the car via the new cables. Check the manual book to make sure every cable is right connected.

6, Put the new radio to the dash, turn on your car to test it.

7, If there is no problem, you can install back the button panel. If there is something abnormal, check again the wiring condition. Ask seller for help when needed.

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