The Best Tesla Screen Radio for 2013 Buick Regal Stereo Upgrade

When your car has a good radio head unit, driving will be very exciting. Therefore, I had my 2013 Buick Regal factory radio changed. Last month, I installed a 9.7″ Tesla screen radio to the car, that really makes my drive more comfortable and convenient.

What are the advantages?

Firstly, the new radio comes a big vertical screen, we can see the information very clear. All the operation can be finished at few seconds via finger touch.

It’s able to provide different entertainment. For example, you can listen to FM/AM radio channels, play Bluetooth music, watch 1080P videos, access the Internet via WIFI or 4G network etc. Your drive will be never bored with this multifunctional Android radio.

On the other hand, this 2013 Buick Regal radio supports Apple Carplay/Android Auto. With this function, you can connect your phone to the radio and use phone applications like map, music, phone book and more on the radio screen.

Another powerful function is that it can support rear view camera. That’s to say, when we install a backup camera to the car and connect it to the radio, the radio will automatically display rearview images every time when we reverse and park the car. For those who always have troubles in parking a car, this function must be very helpful.

How to install the radio?

– Toolbox: Plastic pry tools, screwdrivers, pliers, cable ties, tapes etc.

– Safety Tip: Cut off the car power before starting.

1, Firstly, use the plastic pry tool to remove the screen & A/C outlet structure, disconnect its plugs to the car.

2, Pry to remove the decorative frames on the left and right.

3, As well remove this small decorative piece.

4, Next, remove four screws that fixed the button panel. Take down the panel and unplug the connectors.

5, There are also four screws that fixed the main unit, remove them. Pull out the unit and unplug its connectors.

6, Remove the original A/C outlet.

7, And remove this button device.

8, As well as remove the original A/C control device of the button panel.

9, Now, install the A/C outlet, button and control device to the new touch screen radio head unit.

10, Correspondingly connect the new radio to the car via the new cables.

11, Install the new radio to the dashboard, then turn on your car to test it. If it works well, install back all the car parts. If there is issue, you may need to check again the wiring condition. Ask the seller for assistance if you can’t handle the issues.

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