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How to Quickly Replace the 2008-2014 Peugeot 207 Factory Radio Stereo?

Many car owners bought the aftermarket touch screen radio to replace the old stereo in their cars. Compared to the standard radio, the touch screen radio is super easy to operate. On the other hand, it’s multifunctional, greatly improving driving experience.

As an owner of Peugeot 207, I just installed a big screen radio head unit to the dashboard. The stuff looks nice, I love it so much. If you also want to upgrade your factory radio, the following installation guide would help.


There are two important tips for you before working,

  • For toolbox: Prepare plastic pry tools, screwdrivers, cable ties, tapes etc.
  • For safety: Cut off the car power at first.

1, Use the plastic pry tool to remove the decorative frame.

2, You can find there are two screws that fixed the air conditioner outlet, remove them and pull out the outlet, unplug the connector.

3, Next, let’s go to remove the CD unit. Just pull it out and unplug all the connectors.

4, The removal job is done, we’ll go to install the new radio to the car. Check and make sure the new radio comes every part we need.

5, Correspondingly connect the touch screen Android radio to the car via the new cables. Make sure they are correctly connected. You should check the manual if you are not sure their interfaces.

6, Once connecting, you’d better have a test for the radio in advance. If it works normally, you can install back all the parts. If there is problem, you may need to check the wiring condition, and ask the seller for assistance when necessary.


The touch screen radio head unit is able to offer various amazing features and functions. On one hand, the big screen shows information clearly and we can operate it quickly just with finger touch. On the other hand, we can apply navigation, rear view camera, 1080P video, Bluetooth call and so on.

One of powerful functions is that there is Carplay. With this function, I can connect my phone to the car radio, then the radio will act as the phone. In this situation, we get the safest way to use phone application freely, such as make phone calls, play music, apply phone navigation, message someone etc.

Another useful function is it can support backup camera. To be honest, I often have troubles in parking the car. After connecting the car camera, I can see the rear situation via the images shown on the radio screen, which greatly helps me when park the car.

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