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A Detailed DIY Guide for VW Volkswagen Golf Radio Replacement

I love my Volkswagen Golf, I also love to retrofit some parts of it. So just in last month, I got the old standard radio removed and installed a touch screen radio head unit to the dashboard. The new radio system greatly improves my driving experience.

The Removal And Installation Steps

When it comes to car upgrade, most drivers think that’s very complicated and difficult. Definitely, some kinds of upgrades are very difficult, while some are not so hard. Replacing the factory radio in a Volkswagen Golf, to a certain extent, is a little easy. You just need to pay more attention to the wiring. Let’s see whether you can do it.


– Prepare toolbox: Plastic pry tools, screwdrivers.

– Cut off the car power to ensure safe work.

1, Use the plastic pry tool to remove the frame, mind your hands’ force.

2, Remove 4 screws that fixed the radio CD unit.

3, Then you can pull out the unit.

4, Unplug all the connectors.

5, Now connect the new Android radio head unit the car via the new cables. Carefully check the manual if you are not sure the wiring interfaces.

6, After connecting all the cables, you should power the car to test the new car radio system. If there is any problem, check again the wiring conditions or ask the seller for help. If the unit works normally, go to next steps.

7, Fit the new radio to the car.

8, Install back the frame. The installation is finished.

Benefits of Using Touch Screen Radio

Now let me tell you how the big screen car radio changes my driving.

Easy Operation – Compared to the old radio which is operated with various buttons, the touch screen radio is super easy to use by finger touched. It shows all information clearly on the screen. What’s more, as it equips with the latest Android system and high quality CPU, it offers fast response and smooth operation.

More Entertainment – This radio stereo head unit does add lots of joy. On one hand, it supports FM/AM radio channels. On the other hand, we can use it to connect Bluetooth, to play Bluetooth music. Also we can watch 1080P video on the screen. Wherever we go, our drive won’t be boring.

Navigation – Applying navigation at the large screen is amazing. This radio is with built-in high quality GPS module, supports various navigation maps. What’s more, even when there is no Internet signal, it still works well. Having such reliable car navigation system, you will never lose the way wherever you go.

Carplay – It’s the best way to connect phone to the car, giving us the ability to use phone applications freely on the radio screen. For example, we can use the phone map, phone call, contact books, phone music… keeping the historical usage records, more convenient.

Backup Camera – I always have troubles in parking a car. I believe that for many drivers, they do need a good parking assistant. In this condition, installing the backup camera to the car and connect it to the touch screen car stereo system is perfect solution. The radio screen will be able to show the rear images when we reverse and park the car, so helpful.

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