Porsche Radio Upgrade

How to Upgrade the 2003-2011 Porsche Cayenne Factory Radio to Carplay Head Unit?

As an owner of Porsche Cayenne, certainly I love to drive it. The only thing that annoys me is there is no Carplay function in the radio system. After a period of consideration, I decided to get an aftermarket touch screen Carplay radio to replace the original stereo.

Which Aftermarket Radio I Purchased?

You can find that there are various radio head units online, causing difficulties on which one should be chosen. If you want the best one, you have to spend lots of time to compare their prices, quality, functions, warranty and more.

Finally, I got the Carplay radio system from HUAFEI. Let’s take a look at the new radio.

  • Built-in Carplay/Android Auto – Why I want this function mightily? Once you apply the Carplay, the radio acts as your phone, you can use phone applications freely and conveniently on the radio screen, such as phone map, phone music, contact books etc.
  • A 9-inch Big Screen – The mobile phone screen is bigger, the TV screen is bigger, I should also have the big screen in my dashboard. That makes me see information super clearly. On the other hand, it’s also super easy to operate.
  • Connecting Backup Camera – Will you be able to park car well just with the help of the front mirrors? The new radio makes car parking easier and safer. After connecting backup camera, the radio is able to display images to show rear situations clearly, assisting you park the car quickly.
  • Watching 1080P Videos – The fact is watching videos on big screen is a perfect experience. On one hand, you can insert a USB memory card to play videos. On the other hand, you can connect WIFI to access the Internet to watch Youtube videos or movies online at 1080P resolution.

There are other useful functions you can have, such as navigation, Bluetooth call, FM/AM radio etc. All help improve your driving experience.

How I Installed the Touch Screen Radio?

It’s not a complicated work to install this Carplay radio head unit. I done that with the help of my brother. Check our installation guide, maybe you have new ideas about it.

Two Tips

Basic Tools: Plastic pry tool and screwdriver.

– Power off the car battery before working to ensure safety.

1, Pry to remove the plastic frame. Mind your hands’ strength.

2, Remove all the screws that fix the main unit.

3, Pull out the main unit.

4, You can see that there are various wiring cables, we need to unplug them all from the unit.

5, In this step, let’s reconnect to the car via new cables of the aftermarket touch screen radio.

6, Then connect the new screen.

7, Put the new radio to the dashboard.

8, Now turn on the car to test whether it functions well.

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