2013-2018 Ford Escape Radio Replacement: The Simplest & Detailed Installation Guide

Some guys love to use the classic standard factory radio system of their Ford Escape, while some men choose to add the modern Tesla style screen to the dashboard. For those who use the big screen radio, they do enjoy better drive.

One month ago, I also got a Tesla screen head unit to my 2017 Ford Escape and finished the installation job myself. I’ll share the installation situation here, maybe you will have new thoughts on car upgrade.

Installing Tesla Screen Radio for Ford Escape (2013-2018)

Important Information
1Choose the suitable aftermarket radio head unit.
2Get toolbox, including plastic pry tools, screwdrivers.
3A safety tip: cut off car power before starting.

1, Pry to remove the top cover of the radio system.

2, Remove the two screws that fix the factory small screen. Take off the screen and disconnect its plug.

3, Then remove this screw.

4, Pry to remove this plastic piece. After that, remove these two screws.

5, Now we need to pry to remove this plastic cover.

6, In this step, we’ll go to remove the button panel. First of all, loose the screws.

7, Next we can pry to remove the whole panel and disconnect the plug.

8, Let’s go to remove the screws that fix the main unit.

9, Pull out the unit and unplug the connectors.

10, Alright, the removal job is finished. Take a look at the new radio system. Make sure it comes everything we need.

11, Before installing the new Tesla radio to the car, we need to remove the A/C outlets on the original button panel and install them to the new radio.

12, Connect the new wiring cables to the new radio.

13, And connect the radio to the car. In this step, you should pay more attention and check the wiring condition carefully.

14, Put the radio screen to the dashboard, power the car to have a test for it.

15, If the new touch screen radio head unit functions well, install the cover and other needed parts to the dashboard. If there is problem, check the wiring situation or contact seller for assistant.

Having Amazing Driving Experience with Big Screen Radio

Why more people decide to add touch screen head unit to their vehicles?

A big size touch screen stereo like this 9.7” Tesla screen radio for Ford Escape, not only provides better viewing experience, but it’s easy to use and operate.

On the other hand, compared to the standard radio, touch screen radio system brings various outstanding functions, including online music, Bluetooth call, GPS navigation, 1080P video, Carplay, rear view camera, 4G/WIFI net etc, making our drive more fun as well safer.

We use the car every day, if you have a multifunctional touch screen head unit, you’ll enjoy better drive.

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