What Are the Steps to Install Large Screen to Audi Q3 (2013-2018)?

More and more Audi Q3 owners decide to change their small radio screen to a big touch screen head unit. That big screen not only looks luxury, but brings more practical functions, such as Carplay or Android Auto.

Today we’ll go to show you a DIY radio upgrade guide for Audi Q3 (2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018), are you ready for that?

Radio Upgrade Instructions for Audi Q3

Preparation before installation: Get your toolbox, and disconnect your car battery.

1, Use the plastic pry tool to remove the air conditioner outlet. We will see two connectors, and we need to unplug them.

2, As the picture shows, there is one screw inside that fix the screen, unscrew it.

3, Before taking down the screen, we need to pry this plastic frame. Next we also need to unplug the connectors of the screen.

4, Now let’s go to remove the CD part of the radio. We need special key fobs to insert the slots, then pull them to pull out the CD unit.

5, Ok, turn to the A/C controller part. It must be pried from the top, not from the left and right.

We should remove the needed parts now, next job is installation.

6, As we just replace the screen, the original CD unit is still kept. We need to connect it to the car with new wiring.

7, Connect the new large touch screen head unit.

8, After connecting all the new cables, it’s must that have a full test for the new radio system. If there is no problem, then we can install back all the parts.

Enjoy Great Drive with the New Screen

The new touch screen radio head unit adds different driving experience to you.

  • It’s loaded with Android 10 system, 8-Core CPU, being able to offer fast response as well as keep stable performance.
  • There is built-in Carplay/Android Auto function, letting you use the phone applications freely and conveniently on the radio screen, improving driving safety.
  • You’ll see super clear rear view images once connecting the backup camera, helping you park car easier.
  • Also have better view when use the map for navigating. It still displays accurate navigation information even there is no network.
  • During long drive, this multifunctional Android radio provides online music, FM/AM radios etc. to ease your driving fatigue or boredom.

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