11 Steps to Add A 12.3″ Android Radio Head Unit to 2014-2019 Lexus RX

New cars often come exquisite radio systems which are good-looking, big screen, multi-functional. For old cars, the only way to change their standard radios is replacing an aftermarket radio head unit. So more and more car owners get the aftermarket touch screen radio and install it to the car by DIY.

I love the large screen Android radio, it’s easy to use, fast to response, has various useful functions. Just one month ago, I replaced a 12.3″ touch screen to my 2019 Lexus RX by myself. That was an very interesting experience. Now I’ll tell you how I did that.

Section 1, Steps of removing and installing the radio

First of all, we need to prepare tools including plastic pry tools and screwdrivers. Also keep in mind that the car battery must be off before doing anything. Take a look at the factory radio system of my Lexus RX.

1, Pry to remove the armrest part between the front seats, and unplug its connector.

2, Remove the side panels on the left and right of the whole radio system.

3, Then remove these frames that fixed the radio stereo.

4, Next we go to remove the screws that fixed the radio unit, then pull out the unit.

5, At this step, pry to remove this plastic piece near the radio screen.

6, Also take away this protective panel of the screen.

7, So we can remove all the screws that fixed the screen.

8, Just take off the screen and disconnect its plugs.

9, The removal job is finished. Before installing the new Android radio head unit, we should have a check for all its parts.

10, We need use the new cables to connect to the original radio main unit.

11, Then connect the new touch screen and install it back.

Finally, turn on the car to test the new radio system. If there is any issue, please double check the wiring conditions, or contact the seller for help.

Section 2, Super benefits of the new Android head unit

This aftermarket Android head unit was purchased at Huafei, it can fit to 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Lexus RX factory radio. Apparently, the new screen is double big to the old one, I have perfect viewing experience on videos, navigation.

On the other hand, it’s phone integrated. Drivers can apply phone applications on the radio screen via Carplay, making the journey easier and safer.

Another powerful function of a large touch screen radio is that we can connect a rear view camera to it. With the rearview images displaying on the screen, there is no trouble in parking.

As far as I’m concerned, a touch screen Android radio makes our daily drive more convenient and better.

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