Tesla Screen Radio Replacement Installation for 2009-2014 Ford Fiesta

Does your Ford Fiesta have the Tesla style touchscreen head unit? If not, you are highly recommended to pick one for the car. And your drive will be greatly changed with the large screen radio.

The following is a radio replacement guide for the Ford Fiesta (2009-2014), maybe you will get some thoughts for your owned Fiesta factory stereo upgrade. Let’s see how to do.

Part 1, How to add Tesla screen to the Fiesta?

The installation is not so hard. Before beginning, we need to prepare tools include plastic pry tool and screwdrivers. Most importantly, the car battery must be off to ensure safety.

Let’s take a look the original car radio system.

1, Use a plastic pry tool to remove the small piece and the top plastic cover.

2, Unscrew the screws that fix the button control panel, take down the panel and unplug its connector.

3, Then you can pull out the main unit, and also need to unplug its connectors.

4, Next, let’s unscrew the screws that fix the small screen, take it off and disconnect the plugs.

5, At this moment, we finish the removal work, now we can move to the installation steps. Firstly, check all the parts of the Huafei Android car radio system, make sure they are in good condition.

6, Connect the new wiring cables to the car, just check the user manual if you are not sure the interfaces.

7, After connecting the cables, we need to remove the A/C outlets of the button control panel, and install them to the new radio. Lastly, we can install the whole new radio to the dash, make sure the cables are correctly connected.

8, Following we can turn on the car to test whether the new radio stereo system work normally. If not, double check the wiring conditions or contact the seller for help.

Part 2, How your drive will be with the new radio?

Obviously, the touchscreen head unit vastly varies from the original radio. The former is operated by touchscreen or steering wheel control, easier and more convenient. Moreover, it offers a lots of practical functions that make our drive better.

First of all, the navigation function of car radio is better than the phone. The screen is bigger, the navigation information is clearer, and it won’t be interfered by the network signal.

On the other hand, this unit comes built-in Carplay/Android Auto, that means we can connect the phone to the radio, then freely use the phone apps on the radio screen, such as play phone music, make phone calls etc.

Another outstanding feature we do really need is that it supports external car cameras. Once we have the backup camera, we can greatly reduce the stress of reversing and parking the car.

Now, do you still decide to keep using the original radio?

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