Detailed Steps of Installing Android Car Radio for 2003-2007 Honda Accord

Last month, I just replaced my old 2005 Honda Accord radio to a touchscreen head unit, it’s really awesome, super easy to use, fast to response, having various useful functions. Following, I would like to share the installation process with you, if you are also want to change your original radio, you may get some thoughts below.

The new radio system was purchased at CarRadioOEM, they sent the package quickly. I finished the replacement job with the help of my brother, here are some beginning tips for you,

1, Prepare the needed tools like plastic pry tools, screwdriver etc.

2, During the removal & installation, the car power should be off to ensure safety.

Firstly, have a look at the original car radio system.

The Steps for (2003-2007) Honda Accord Radio Replacement

1, Pull up the emergency, use a pry tool to pry this plastic frame, then unplug its connectors.

2, Use screwdriver to remove these two screws, then go to remove a small piece inside the panel cover.

3, Nemove screws that fix this frame, then take it out and disconnect its plugs.

4, Remove screws that fix this storage box and take it out.

5, Next, we go to remove the A/C outlet panel, you can set it aside.

6, Now we need to remove these screws that fix the original radio system, three on the top, and three are under.

7, Pull out the radio system, and unplug its connectors.

8, We can install the new Android car stereo to the car. If you are not sure the wiring, check the manual for help.

Step 9, After connecting the new radio system, you should turn on the car to test whether the head unit works normally. If everything goes well, then you can install back all the car part accessories.

Functions About this CarRadioOEM Honda Accord Touchscreen Head Unit

It comes a 10.1 inches large HD screen, fast to response and easy to operate. Gives us clear view when watching videos or using the map for navigation. What’s more, it supports steering wheel control, very convenient to use as well drive safer on the road.

The unit is based on the Android 10 system, there are various APPs we can use. Such as music, video, radio, browser, Bluetooth etc. The most powerful function it provides is that it can support Carplay, turning the radio to a phone. We can directly make phone calls, play phone music quickly on the radio.

When you have such a big screen radio, you are able to connect the rear view camera to it. In this way, every time when you reverse the car, you see clearly the rear situation, avoiding collisions.

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